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  • Writer's pictureMichelle Weir (Local Democracy Reporter)

£750,000 expansion plan for Lamont House to provide addiction services in Ballymena

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust board has approved £0.75m for an upgrade at Lamont House in Ballymena where addiction and mental health services are provided.

Petra Corr, the Trust’s interim divisional director of mental health, learning disability and community well-being, told a meeting of the board members last week that there is “pressure at this time within community addiction service in terms of current capacity”.

She said that the partial refurbishment of accommodation is required at the Trust’s Lamont site at Railway Street, in the Harryville area.

The director told members that she was seeking approval for the provision of capital support for the development of Lamont House estate, for development of accommodation for a conditions management programme, perinatal mental health service and for community addiction services.

She described the perinatal mental health service as a “new and exciting development. Perinatal mental problems are those that occur during pregnancy or during the first year following the birth of a child.

She highlighted “insufficient” accommodation at Ballymena Health and Social Care Centre for this service and conditions management programme and the need for additional capacity at Lamont House where community addiction services are provided.

The business case was approved for “fit for purpose” accommodation for mental health services – perinatal, condition management and addiction services.


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