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25,000 students to receive safety advice from Translink’s Safety Bus team

Translink’s Safety Bus is visiting schools in Northern Ireland, continuing an important safety education programme which has been running for 20 years.

The Safety Bus can visit around 350 schools each academic year, engaging with up to 25 thousand students.

Translink Community Safety Officer Susan O’Neill said:

“The Safety Bus plays a vital role in educating students about how to stay safe while using Public Transport. We are dedicated to visiting primary and secondary schools to highlight safety issues including boarding and getting off the bus, storing school bags during the journey, and buying their tickets for a Glider route.

“We also address the reason for CCTV on board our vehicles and the effects of anti-social behaviour and vandalism, as well as the importance of treating Translink staff with respect. Our staff provide a vital service, bringing passengers to school, leisure activities and connecting people to their families and essential services, including hospital appointments and shopping”.

Susan concluded:

“At this time of year, we also advise students on the importance of being visible during darker evenings and our presentation includes video clips to engage with young people showing scenarios and hazards as well as bus signage that can help with their journey”.

As well as schools, the Safety Bus team also works closely with other agencies including the PSNI, to provide safety education to school children across Northern Ireland.

More details of Translink’s safety initiatives are available on our website:


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