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14-year-old caught driving Land Rover with drunk parents on board

Police officers in Mid Ulster got a surprise over the weekend when they stopped a Land Rover Discovery after 'questioning the manner of driving'.

When police attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver made off before halting a short distance later after mounting the kerb.

A police spokesperson explained:

"Last weekend was a busy one for officers across Mid Ulster.

"Whilst travelling to another incident a Dungannon crew came across this Land Rover Discovery. (Pictured above)

"After questioning the manner of driving they tried to pull it over. On activating the blue lights the driver failed to stop and tried to make off.

"The vehicle then entered the Newell Road, Dungannon, before mounting a kerb and stopping. On speaking with the driver, officers discovered a 14 year old behind the wheel.

"To make matters worse, the child was accompanied by two passengers - his drunk parents.

"The potential consequences of this go without thinking about. A difficult day ahead in court awaits.“


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