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Young girl ‘missed by millimetres’ in Mid Ulster drunk driver crash

Police in Mid Ulster have released dramatic photographs after a drunk driver crashed yesterday afternoon, narrowly missing a young girl coming in the opposite direction.

A spokesperson for the Police commented: “Middle of the afternoon and once again we're quite literally picking up the pieces of a drunk getting behind the wheel of a car. The interior of it resembles a mobile off sales.

“The damaged wall is what he hit first, flipping the car onto its roof and ending up where it's photographed.

“He missed a young girl who was coming the other direction by millimetres. Understandably she's deeply shocked by the incident.

“You've all seen the dramatic adverts, as we've shown so many times on these pages and as yet again today shows, they are an accurate portrayal of what happens when drunks attempt to drive.

“One arrested for a range of offences.”

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