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TV | Tommy Tiernan returns

Comedian Tommy Tiernan is back with his unique chat-show that’s full of surprises for him, and his viewers!

A master of improvisation, Tommy thrives on the adrenaline of no preparation. The result is conversations full of adventure and surprise, with people from all walks of life, some well-known personalities and others less well-known.  

With Tommy’s inquisitive nature, every conversation has the potential for great honesty and insight, humour and sometimes freewheeling wildness.   

Speaking ahead of the seventh series, Tommy Tiernan said:

“The show is in many ways so unpredictable that it's impossible to tell people what to expect. It's like going to a party and not knowing who's going to be there. The only thing that I know for sure is that both myself and the guest are up for a conversation but where that conversation might go is anybody's guess.

"There's a studio audience there this year so how that extra energy in the room affects the chat will be interesting to see. I sincerely hope that whatever happens on the night will continue to be of interest and entertainment to the Irish public. Many thanks for watching so far...”  

Comedian Fred Cooke is compere for each episode in front of the live audience. Who the guests will be on the night is a surprise every week!  

Don’t miss The Tommy Tiernan Show, Saturday nights on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player starting tonight 7 January at 9.40pm.  


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