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TV | Jailed: Inside Maghaberry Prison

Man in grey jacket and navy blue shirt poses for the camera in front of a grey prison wall

In the new series Jailed: Inside Maghaberry Prison, Stephen Nolan gets unprecedented access to HMP Maghaberry, one of the UK’s most high-security jails.

He talks with prisoners in their cells and investigates the pressures facing staff and the prison system. This powerful and revealing series follows the success of Nolan Inside Hydebank, which was shown on local and BBC network television.

The six-part series includes prisoners who have committed a range of crimes from theft to murder.

Stephen also meets a young inmate he had interviewed previously while filming Nolan Inside Hydebank.

Stephen talks with prisoners about their backgrounds and the effect that family circumstance, mental health issues and other factors have played in their life choices. He listens to what they have to say, but engages critically with them about how their crimes have impacted other people and the harms that they’ve caused.

We also hear from David Savage, the prison governor at Maghaberry, who tells us about what his work involves and why he thinks rehabilitation is important – giving prisoners the skills and support to turn their lives around and to make a positive contribution to society.

Jailed: Inside Maghaberry Prison is a Third Street Studios production for BBC Northern Ireland.

It starts on Monday 4 September at 10.40pm on BBC One NI.

The full series will be available on BBC iPlayer.


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