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The end is nigh… Mini Maegden is closing the gate for the last time.

Updated: Sep 14

Prepare your hearts for some breaking news - Mini Maegden a firm family favourite on a day out on the north coast - has announced that it is to close the gate from 27 September.

The two ladies have served up some of the best toasties around from their small caravan in a field near the Giant’s Causeway.

Announcing the news on Friday evening, Mini Maegden said:

“After four summers of the caravan at the Causeway, this season is officially IT!

“We’ve LOVED our time in the van here - and thanks to you lot and your mad enthusiasm for melted cheese, the two of us have been grilling in a field for way way longer than we ever thought sustainable. We’d keep going if we could, but sadly it’s out of our hands.

“Monday 27 September will be our final day, and at 5pm the gate will swing closed for the very last time. So if you haven’t been or would like to say goodbye, you have under THREE WEEKS to get here.

“We’re not all maudlin though, because this marks the start of something NEW. We’re still going to be North Coast-based, and we plan to see you again later this year in a different, slightly less-‘mini’, and more permanent guise. Still all about the cheese. Lots of info and thank-yous upcoming. We hope you’ll stick with us.”