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“Surge continues across North Antrim” – Alliance

Group of people standing together in election count centre located in a sports hall

The Alliance Party say they were proud to see a surge in support across North Antrim, following the election of John Hyland and Chelsea Harwood last week.

Alliance Ballymena councillor, John Hyland saw the Alliance vote increase by 4% and was 16 votes shy of quota on the first count.

Speaking after the count Councillor Hyland expressed his gratitude saying:

“I’m so grateful for the people of Ballymena's continued support in Alliance. In increasing numbers, people are demanding positive and progressive change.

"The last 12 months have been a tremendous opportunity, and I plan to continue working hard alongside my fellow councillors for the betterment of Ballymena town and Mid and East Antrim as a whole.”

Braid DEA sees a new face come to council in Chelsea Harwood, following her election with a vote increase of 2.7%. She said:

“I’m absolutely delighted to be elected for the Braid DEA and to continue to build on the hard work of my predecessor. I’m so excited to get started delivering real and lasting change for all sections of our society.”

The party was disappointed not to see Jack Gibson elected in Bannside, but Sian Mulholland MLA commented:

“Jack had an amazing campaign, but it wasn’t to be on the day. He will continue to work with John, Chelsea and I for the people of Bannside, as well as all those across North Antrim.”


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