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SPECIAL MEMORIES | Council launches free Memory Tree initiative

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, with support from the Woodland Trust, has recently launched an initiative providing local residents with an opportunity to apply for a free 'memory tree'.

Memory trees are beautiful living reminders of a person or pet who passed, an event that took place, or a special time in a person’s life.

Planting and growing a tree is a wonderful and environmentally friendly way to remember and remind you of a person, pet or event and keep that memory present every time you view it.

If you’d like to plant your own memory tree, residents now have the chance to apply for a free tree.

Trees provided will be a variety of cherry trees.

These trees will bear beautiful blossoms in spring and provide shelter and food for us and local wildlife.

The trees provided will be 80-120cm tall but will grow much bigger, so please ensure you have adequate space before applying.

Limited stock.

Open to residents of Mid and East Antrim only.

Trees are to be collected from designated sites in the borough.

The Memory Tree initiative is supported by the Woodland Trust’s Emergency Tree Fund.


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