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Police warn public over online commentary following arrests for ‘non-recent sexual offences’

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The Police Service of Northern Ireland has today (Saturday 30th March) issued a statement warning the public regarding "commentary on social media" following the arrests of Sir Jeffrey Donaldson and a 57-year-old woman.

A police spokesperson said:

"On 29th March 2024, we confirmed that a 61 year old man had been charged with non-recent sexual offences, alongside a 57 year old woman who was charged with aiding and abetting additional offences.

"We are aware of ongoing commentary on social media platforms regarding this.

"In investigations of this kind, victims are given complete anonymity by law unless they choose to waive that themselves. The publication of any information which is likely to lead to the identification of victims is a criminal offence, and can be investigated accordingly.

"The safeguarding of victims and protection of the integrity of any live investigation is at the forefront of all we do as a Police Service.

"With this in mind we remind our local communities and media that such speculation is unhelpful and may ultimately have a negative impact on a criminal justice process."


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