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Police make arrests after four officers assaulted in Mid and East Antrim

Police Service of Northern Ireland officer uniform

Police in Mid and East Antrim have revealed that four officers on duty were assaulted in the district over the weekend.

In the statement the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) emphasised that assaults toward officers serving their local communities are "totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated".

Two of the incidents which occurred in Ballymena were highlighted, when officers responding to reports were kicked, spat at, with one having their hand scrapped by a drunk female.

Commenting on the incidents over the weekend, a PSNI spokesperson said:

"Following attacks over the weekend, we want to remind the public that our officers are here to help but assaults towards police are totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

"Across Mid and East Antrim areas, four police officers were assaulted whilst on duty, resulting in four arrests for assault on police.

"At around 7.30pm on Sunday 18th, while responding to a domestic related incident in the Dunfane Crescent area of Ballymena, one officer was kicked and a man was arrested.

"A short time later officers responded to a heavily intoxicated woman, being abusive towards members of the public in the Cushendall Road area. The woman scraped the hand of one officer and spat towards another. She was arrested for the assault.

"The woman however, continued to spit inside a police car and was further arrested for criminal damage.

"These are just some of the examples to highlight the risks our officers faced over the weekend when trying to help members of the public.

"While thankfully no officers received any serious injuries and all were able to remain on duty, these assaults on our officers when simply doing their job are not acceptable.

"Please be reminded, we will respond to calls assisting people. However, assaults on police must not be tolerated as simply being ‘part of the job’.

"All four individuals have now been charged to court for assault on police and other relevant offences."


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