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Police launch proactive safety operation on County Antrim roads

On Sunday evening (13 June), PSNI officers in Lisburn joined colleagues from Road Policing and the Driver & Vehicle Agency in a proactive safety operation, as part of ongoing efforts to encourage drivers to take more care on the roads.

Chief Inspector Gavin McKenna said:

“This operation took place between 6.30pm and midnight on Sunday at the MOT centre in Lisburn. During that time, we detected a number of offences around vehicles’ road worthiness and also took the opportunity to talk to motorists about safety.

“Our aim was to educate drivers and carry out enforcement as required. Of the 14 vehicles examined, only one was fully roadworthy. Three were deemed unfit to be driven on the roads and three were seized and towed away.

“We confiscated a blue Toyota Avensis which had both its rear brakes held together by vice grips and a missing caliper in the disc brake system. It also had a defective tyre and a missing number plate. This was an extremely reckless and dangerous modification to the brakes – which, along with the other defects, could have put the driver, passengers and other road users at risk of death or serious injury.”

He continued: “The driver of this vehicle will face prosecution and a file is being prepared for the Public Prosecution Service (PPS).”

“Nineteen fines were handed out for a range of offences including vehicle in a dangerous condition and defective tyres. Our colleagues in the DVA also issued a number of prohibition notices for the likes of defective handbrakes. Police and the DVA are urging anyone taking a vehicle onto the road to ensure it is roadworthy. We will continue to focus our efforts on keeping the roads safe in the Lisburn area over the coming weeks and months.”


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