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NIE Networks tells customers to prepare for disruptive winter weather

Power lines against blue sunny sky

NIE Networks has called on people dependent on medical equipment to be prepared for power cuts in the event ofdisruptive weather this winter.

Domestic, business and agricultural customers should alsoget ready for power cuts as storm season gets underway, according to the company.

NIE Networks owns the network of lines, poles and substations that takes electricity from power stations to homes and businesses in Northern Ireland.

Alex Houston, Network Operations Manager for NIE Networks, which has more than 910,000 customers, advised everyone to start making preparations, ahead of bad weather during the winter months.

“Our teams work throughout the year to ensure the electricity network remains in a safe and reliable condition, but severe weather can cause significant damage so it’s important customers think about how to prepare in case of a power cut,” he said.

“We particularly want customers in the agricultural industry, rural communities, and those who have critical healthcare needs, to take the necessary steps to ensure that any duration of power cut is manageable.”

Mr Houston said customers can take a number of actions to prepare for an unexpected power cut.

Measures include:

•       Locating your trip switch

•       Stocking up on battery powered lights

•       Ensuring medical equipment has back up battery – contact your healthcare provider if you have issues

•       Ensuring the NIE Networks Customer Helpline number 03457 643 643 is easily to hand

Agricultural workers have also been advised to consider their processes in the event of a power cut to ensure that animals can still be appropriately looked after.

The NIE Networks website allows its users to report a power cut online.

The website also provides access to Powercheck, which gives reliable and real time information about a power cut.

Meanwhile, those customers who are dependent on medical equipment have been encouraged to register on the NIE Networks Medical Customer Care Register so that they will receive regular updates during a power cut.

For more top tips on getting winter ready, to access Powercheck, or to report a power cut, please visit:


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