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LB PROMO | New Co Antrim business brings the latest wall printing technology to NI



Quote ‘Love Ballymena’ to get 20% OFF anything booked up until 31 May 2021.


WallPrint NI welcomes you to the latest innovative vertical wall printing technology!

Based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, WallPrint NI aims to offer customers nationwide a modernised design alternative to traditional mural painters.

The mobile printer is eco-friendly and uses high quality, low odour UV ink to produce wall prints that will last up to 15 years indoors or up to 5 years outdoors providing good customer maintenance.

You can use your own high resolution digital graphic design or artwork or select from thousands of ready-made ideas from sites such as Shutterstock, Istock, Adobe stock, Dreamstime, Deposit photos or 123RF.

WallPrint NI can print onto any surface such as brick, wood, plaster, glass, metal, plastic, paper, concrete and various other surfaces. The wall printer is the only vertical printer with UV ink that can print white images, text and numbers.

Prints and murals can reach heights of up to 12ft and unlimited width. WallPrint NI prints an excellent 2880 dpi HD image resolution - no other vertical printing machine can deliver this quality image or print at the same speed.

Stephen, who launched WallPrint NI in February this year, commented:

“We are based in Antrim but we cover all of Northern Ireland, and further afield. Our machine, which represents the best of innovative vertical wall printing, can print on any vertical surface and prints up to 12ft high with unlimited length. Once printed, the image is instantly dry. We love the great quality of the print, and believe this is the first machine of it’s kind in Northern Ireland.”

This new type of printing boasts of the benefits of not collecting dust and needing regularly cleaned like traditional hanging pictures. For commercial premises particularly, with everything needing cleaned down and sanitised regularly, this will be welcomed.

As businesses get ready to reopen over the weeks ahead, now is the time to get your premises ready for welcoming customers back. WallPrint NI is happy to help with your wall art needs in every type of setting such as, hospitals, schools, offices, gyms, barbers, hairdressers, hotels, restaurants, shops, homes and many more!

Forget about wall paper, in a few hours you can have a brilliant 3D graphic wall printing to brighten up any space. Fancy a change after a few years? Then simply just paint over you picture or contact WallPrint NI again for another fabulous wall print.

Get in touch with Stephen today to discuss your wall printing needs, and remember to quote ‘Love Ballymena’ to access you fab 20% OFF anything booked up until the 31 May 2021.

TEL: 07485 466 296


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