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Hyland condemns sectarian defacement of posters

Defaced election posters with a photo of local Alliance council  candidate John Hyland.
The posters with expletives blurred out.

Alliance Ballymena Councillor John Hyland has said the defacement of his posters won't deter him.

The councillor was speaking after a number of his posters along Parkway, Ballymena were defaced with sectarian slogans at some point between the 12th and the 15th of April. 

"It's sad to see such sectarian bile, however, we won't be deterred. Alliance will continue to fight for a united community and those who deface our posters are clearly threatened by that," said Councillor Hyland.

"As a local councillor, I will continue to work for everyone in our community.

"I have reported this to the PSNI and would encourage anyone with information to do likewise."


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