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Trick or Treat… M&S does Halloween like you’ve never seen

Halloween Trick or Treat Giftbag (£30)

No need to trick or treat this year, we’ve got a hamper which covers all the bases! Endless tasty treats to get your fangs into...

The nights are drawing in and it is just about time when people start to become obsessed with all things Halloween.

M&S have launched a selection of spooky sweet treats that will have you SCREAMING with delight ready for the ghostliest season of all.

Halloween confectionery is the first of the Halloween range to land M&S stores, with a frighteningly good selection of sweet treats, both individually wrapped options for those trick-or-treating visitors, and show-stopping gifts for that Halloween gathering you’ve been dying to go to.

Bleeding Brains (£2)

A pack of 4 chunky white and milk chocolate brains filled with an oozing red salted caramel.

There already has been an unprecedented surge in online searches for M&S Halloween gifts, prompting the company to go even earlier with some online Halloween hampers too, with a limited selection available now, for the keenest of spook-seeking customer and more to come in the next few weeks.

Here's just a few TOP PICKS for the perfect Halloween themed sweet indulgence, whether you’re going out, staying in, dressing up or having a PJ party all of your own – M&S have got you covered!

Bogey Buttons (£2)

Ever seen bogey green caramel before? It might look frightful but trust us – these green gooey filled chocolate buttons taste devilishly good!

Colin The Caterpillar Risky Roulette Sweets (£1.65 – 2 for £3)

Will you get naughty or nice Colin? Take a gamble of these fruity gummy sweets, with a mixture of sweet and sour Colins inside.

Spooky Colin The Caterpillar Faces (£2)

Hand decorated white chocolate Mini Colin Faces, with a Halloween twist!

Haunted Halloween Light Up House (£5)

GET READY to impress your guests! Introducing a LIGHT-UP tin filled with spooky-shaped all-butter shortbread. Doubles up as the perfect window display when all the bics are gone too!

Horror Shock Corn (£5)

A slab of delicious, sweet and salty caramelised popcorn, loaded with chocolate spookiness! Chocolate eyeballs anyone?

Halloween Spooky Night In Gift Box (£50)

If getting hands on at Halloween is your thing, then how about this jam-packed kit of everything you could need to make Halloween petrifyingly perfect for all the family! Including Pumpkin carving kits, decorate your own trick or treat buckets, ghoulish gingerbread biscuit kit, Halloween masks and more!

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