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Search for Broughshane author of ‘letter to my 21 year old self’

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

One of Belfast‘s top book shops, Belfast Books, is searching for the author of a ‘letter to self’, penned in 2013 by a teenager who lived in The Knockans, Broughshane.

The letter was discovered inside a secondhand book in the store, and had the instruction written on the envelope:

‘To be opened on ******* 21st Birthday’

Now the Belfast store owner would love to find the (then 13 year old) girl who wrote this letter, who will now be 21 in 2021.

Belfast Books commented:

“Mrs Books opened a Twilight graphic novel and inside it was a letter written in 2013 by a 13 year old Broughshane girl to her 21 year old self.

“The author would now be 21, so we’d like to reunite them if possible.”


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