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Weighted Blankets for ‘Bravehearts’ courtesy of Power NI

Aoife Magennis from Power NI and Clare Caulfield from Bravehearts NI.

BraveheartsNI is one of 5 winners in Power NI’s Brighter Communities £5K funding initiative

BraveheartsNI supports the needs of teenagers and young adults with congenital heart disease (CHD) and their families across Northern Ireland.

BraveheartsNI was founded in 2014 by Clare Caulfield and her daughter, Shealyn, who was born with severe CHD. They now support 250 Bravehearts as well as their families.

Congenital Heart Disease is a lifelong, life limiting condition that is debilitating both physically and mentally and can lead to anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

With the £1000 grant from Power NI, the charity plan to purchase additional weighted blankets for their members, which can be beneficial for anxiety, insomnia and stress, which can come alongside CHD.

Grateful for the funding, founder Clare said:

“I’m delighted to have received this award from Power NI, allowing us to purchase additional weighted blankets. The pandemic has been really tough for our Bravehearts as many are vulnerable and shielding, so it has been a particularly stressful and isolating period for them.

“We promote a can-do attitude and have launched initiatives such as ‘steptember’, encouraging the Bravehearts to get out walking as well as providing equipment such as wetsuits and paddle boards to enable our members to be active as best they can with their condition.

“We’re so thankful to receive this funding to purchase weighted blankets which we hope will improve the overall wellbeing of some of our Bravehearts.”

The Brighter Communities Initiative was set up by Power NI in 2018and since its establishment it hassupporteda huge range of bespoke groups and clubs across Northern Ireland who are all making a big difference in communities.

In December 2021, Power NI ran the ‘Festive Fund’ and awarded five organisations with £1,000 to enable them to continue providing in their communities’.

Power NI’s Ashleigh O’Neill is delighted that Brighter Communities can provide funding to such a transformative charity.

“The difference that Bravehearts is making to children, young people and their families across Northern Ireland is phenomenal and I’m so glad that Power NI can provide funding that will help them continue supporting those with CHD.”


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