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WayMaker introduces innovative training for children's professionals at Fairhill Centre

Eileen Russell, founder of WayMaker

Eileen Russell, founder of WayMaker

WayMaker Child Therapy, a leading provider of child play therapy services, is excited to announce the launch of a innovative training day designed specifically for children's professionals.

The first in a series of training sessions, called "The Healing Power of Play," aims to equip professionals across Northern Ireland with specialised knowledge and techniques to better understand and address the needs of children in their care. 

It is no surprise that the needs of children in our society have been on the rise. WayMaker is dedicated to empowering professionals who work with children on a daily basis by providing them with training that delves into the why behind challenging behaviours.

The "Healing Power of Play" training, created by experienced play therapist Eileen Russell, will be offered at a special introductory price of £95 per person and will start on 22 June 2023 and offer further dates throughout the year. 

Eileen Russell, with her eighteen years of experience working with children and families in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Northern Ireland, has a deep passion for helping professionals explore the transformative potential of play for children. Through this training, she aims to guide professionals in understanding the healing properties of play and its profound impact on children's well-being. 

Healing power of play training graphic

Earlier this year, the "Healing Power of Play" training was recognised for its innovation, receiving a silver award from Invest NI. The program offers a unique opportunity for professionals working with children, from early years up, to gain valuable insights and practical tools to enhance their practice. 

"This experiential training will equip professionals with a toolkit of playful techniques to support the children who face the greatest challenges in their environments," stated Eileen Russell, the founder of WayMaker. "We are thrilled to offer this training and provide professionals with a safe space to reflect, explore, and enhance their current practices at Fairhill Centre in Ballymena." 

The training session invites professionals to step into the world of play through the eyes of a child and understand the therapeutic power it holds.

Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their current practices, explore creative problem-solving techniques, and collaborate with their peers to identify what is working well and what could be improved creating a nurturing environment for children. 

One recent participant of the training shared:

"I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the mindset of children whose behaviour can be challenging, and considering how they feel in moments of struggle. It was incredibly thought-provoking." 

To learn more about "The Healing Power of Play" training or to secure your place, please visit or contact

Spaces are limited, so early booking is recommended. 


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