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VIDEO | NIAS expecting rise in demand and offers advice as temperatures forecast to surge

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) has said on Saturday afternoon (16 July) that it expects demand on the service to increase over the next few days in line with rising temperatures.

Emergency Ambulance Control (EAC) Manager Rebecca Steele offered some sound advice in a video (below) as the team plan the service’s response.

Rebecca explains below how NIAS will prioritise calls which are most serious and require immediate response, and asks the public to cooperate, saying some patients, when appropriate, may be asked to make their own way to the Emergency Department.

The public are also being asked to only call 999 in an emergency.

Meanwhile, Karl Bloomer (NIAS Paramedic and Clinical Pathways Lead) has urged the public to keep themselves safe during periods of high temperatures.

Karl offers some simple advice in the video below, saying although “good weather is always welcome, it can bring with it a degree of risk”.

Listen to Karl’s advice to keep well and safe over the next few days.


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