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USPCA save young fox from drowning

Animal Welfare Charity, the USPCA has rescued a young female fox from a water containment tank in Dunmurry last week (Thursday 25 August).

The charity’s Wildlife Rescue Officer was made aware of the fox in distress after receiving a call from staff at the water treatment plant in Dunmurry.

The fox had found her way into one of the larger tanks at the plant and in moving through the different tunnels between the tanks, had ended up in a filled water containment area that had no exit.

Attending to the rescue, USPCA Wildlife Rescue Officer Phil McCartney said:

“The fox was very frightened and in trying to make its escape, ended in a much greater difficulty – trapped in a dead-end water container that was well above its head height. Had it been left there it would have sadly died due to severe dehydration and exhaustion from trying to tread water.”

“A big thank you to the entire team at the water treatment plant as they were a great help during her rescue. Thankfully I was able to retrieve her and even with her ordeal, she suffered no injuries and was able to be released safely nearby,” added Phil.

USPCA Development Manager, Colleen Tinnelly said:

“We’re very grateful to the staff at the water treatment plant in Dunmurry for alerting our team to this situation. Sadly, wildlife can very often find themselves in difficult circumstances which can lead to serious injury or even death – thanks to the quick actions of the staff and our wildlife rescue officer, they were able to save this young fox’s life.

“Should members of the public spot injured wildlife, please contact the USPCA on 028 3025 1000.”


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