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TV | Murder in Paradise - examining the murder of Michaela McAreavey

Journalists Darragh MacIntyre and Allison Morris.
Journalists Darragh MacIntyre and Allison Morris.

Murder In Paradise, a new three-part series for BBC Northern Ireland, examines the circumstances of Michaela McAreavey’s murder in 2011, its aftermath and the ongoing investigation into what happened.

Journalists Darragh MacIntyre and Allison Morris travel to Mauritius and provide fresh insight into this tragic and unsolved murder.

The daughter of Gaelic football manager Mickey Harte, Michaela’s death took place shortly after her wedding and whilst she was on honeymoon with her new husband, John. She was found strangled in a bathtub in her hotel room.

Two former workers at the luxury resort where she had been staying were acquitted after a high-profile trial in the summer of 2012. To date, no one has been convicted of Michaela’s murder.

With questions having been raised by defence lawyers about alleged failings in police investigations, Darragh and Allison talk with a Detective Inspector who investigated the murder as well as the defendants, lawyers and a former Prime Minister of Mauritius.

The series includes emotional interviews with John McAreavey and Michaela’s brother Mark. It reflects their memories of Michaela, her qualities and achievements and the devastating impact of her murder.

With access to original case files, Darragh and Allison attempt to piece together what’s known about this case and assess whether the authorities are any closer to delivering justice for Michaela and her family.

Murder In Paradise starts on Monday 10 April at 10.40pm on BBC One NI. The full series will be available on BBC iPlayer.

Assume Nothing: Murder In Paradise, an accompanying eight-part podcast with Darragh and Allison, begins on BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Sounds on Saturday 29 April.


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