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Swann recognises vital role of carers’ groups in vaccine roll-out

Health Minister Robin Swann has thanked Northern Ireland’s carers groups for their vital role in making vaccinations accessible for carers.

Speaking during a virtual meeting with representatives from carers groups, the Health Minister recognised the groups’ vital role in supporting carers throughout pandemic and also assisting carers to get vaccinated.

Minister Swann said:

“First and foremost I would like to acknowledge the invaluable role of informal carers and carer groups over the last year. I fully recognise that Covid-19 has brought a number of added challenges and worries, despite this carers have continued to be there for their loved ones.

“Carers are essential to those they look after and because of this they were one of the earlier groups to be called forward for vaccination. To enable this to happen, carer groups engaged extensively with my Department to design a process that would allow as many carers as possible to receive the vaccine in a way that meets their needs.”

Minister Swann added:

“The input from the carers groups throughout this process was invaluable. Their contributions were pragmatic and contributed enormously to a successful rollout of vaccination to carers. I would like to thank the carers groups for their vital role in the vaccination programme and also for their ongoing dedication to supporting carers throughout Northern Ireland.”

Over 55,240 carers have received their first dose of the vaccine since the vaccination programme was opened up to them in February. Carers who have not already booked a vaccination appointment can email their Trust carer co-ordinators.

The Health Minister added:

“There is no question that the work carried out by carers’ groups in highlighting and promoting the availability of vaccination to carers has contributed to these successful uptake levels.”

For carers wanting vaccination, the Trust co-ordinators can be contacted via the following e-mail addresses:

• Northern Trust:

• Belfast Trust:

• Western Trust:

• South Eastern Trust:


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