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RTÉ announce landmark documentary series on Seán Quinn to air this week

This coming week RTÉ will broadcast a landmark documentary series detailing the rise and fall of Seán Quinn and the repercussions for “Quinn Country”.

Over four years in the making, and featuring candid testimony from Seán Quinn himself, the highly anticipated series Quinn Country is the story of the man who personified Ireland’s boom and subsequently, its bust.   

In a change to scheduled programmes, Quinn Country will be shown over three consecutive nights in peak time on RTÉ One at 9.35pm, and available to stream on the RTÉ Player.

Made by the award-winning Fine Point Films for RTÉ, Quinn Country is produced and directed by Trevor Birney and produced by Andrew Tully.  

With unprecedented access to Seán Quinn, the documentary series tells an extraordinary story. It is the story of how a farmer’s son from Derrylin on the Fermanagh / Cavan border managed to build an empire from the limestone and shale-filled ground on which he was raised. 

Charting the dramatic expansion of the Quinn empire, from manufacturing to hospitality, property and insurance, the series details how Seán Quinn became a ‘chieftain’ to his native region on the border; injecting employment, wealth and hope into a community which in part, remains fiercely loyal to him today. 

This series tells how, over the course of his career, Seán Quinn managed to go from school dropout to world the richest man in Ireland…only to lose it all.

Quinn tied his fortune and that of his businesses to the fate of Anglo-Irish Bank, making big bets on the bank’s share price as it tumbled to disaster. The state was forced to move in and begin the process of taking control of Quinn’s businesses. What followed were protracted legal battles, a campaign of intimidation and violence, and a brutal attack on one of his former employees.

This series brings Seán Quinn’s story up to date. It details the latest developments in a gripping saga; the legal battles between the Quinn family and the state, the changing relationship between Quinn and his former colleagues and the campaign of intimidation against companies formerly owned by Quinn, culminating in the horrific attack in 2019 on Seán Quinn’s former right-hand man, Kevin Lunney. 

Told mainly in Seán Quinn’s own words, this series reveals an enigmatic and divisive character; someone who amassed an unimaginable fortune and then watched it disappear. It is a story about money and power, what it takes to amass them, and the battle to keep hold of them.  


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