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Robin Swann MLA affirms ongoing support for Compass Advocacy Network Farm in Co Antrim

Robert Irvine Chair of CAN; Robin Swann MLA, Janet Schofield CEO CAN, Linda McKendry Director of Services

(L-R) Robert Irvine Chair of CAN; Robin Swann MLA, Janet Schofield CEO CAN, Linda McKendry Director of Services

Robin Swann, Ulster Unionist MLA for North Antrim and former Health Minister of Northern Ireland, visited the Compass Advocacy Network Farm and Centre on the Lislagan Road in Ballymoney.

The MLA was keen to show his continued dedication to supporting the organisation in its continuing ambitious endeavours.

Compass Advocacy Network is renowned for its unwavering commitment to empowering individuals with diverse abilities and fostering an inclusive community. During his visit, Mr Swann engaged in insightful discussions with the team, gaining deeper insights into their commendable initiatives and also the current challenges that budget uncertainty brings to both the organisation and its service users.

Expressing his admiration for the organisation's noble work, Mr Swann reaffirmed his unwavering support for Compass Advocacy Network. Northern Ireland's former Health Minister said:

“I recognise the significance of their efforts in providing essential services to the community which it supports.

“The Compass Advocacy Network Farm and Centre serves as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking personal growth and fulfilment. With a focus on sustainability and community support, the organisation's impact resonates far beyond its premises."

"I am deeply inspired by the transformative work done by Compass Advocacy Network. As a former Health Minister and MLA, I remain committed to supporting their mission to create an inclusive and empowering environment for all," said Robin.

The visit to the Lislagan Road facility provided a first-hand understanding of the positive impact of their therapeutic programs and the dedication of the staff and volunteers.

The MLA said his visit reflects his "support of championing causes that uplift and enrich the lives of individuals across Northern Ireland".


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