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Police say “raw kindness still exists” after confused elderly man helped in Ballycastle

Ballycastle Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) have said “raw kindness still exists” after a number of people got involved in helping an elderly gentleman who became disorientated when travelling in the area.

A member of the Ballycastle NPT shared the touching story, saying:

“Yesterday Ballycastle NPT attended a call regarding a concern for a males welfare. Unfortunately if you where in the Ballycastle or North Coast area yesterday it was a cold and very wet day.

“Our call all began with an abandoned vehicle and some very kind Austrian tourists. These absolute strangers sighted an older man walking in the rain toward Ballycastle and they gave him a lift to an address he provided.

“Unfortunately on his arrival the people he hoped lived there didn’t, but fortunately a lovely family who lived there didn’t turn him away into the downpour.

“They recognised that the man seemed disorientated and a tad confused so they did the right thing and rang for an ambulance and for us. Whilst they waited they brought the man into their home, kept him warm by their roaring fire and made him cups of tea.

“Following this we discovered the man’s car was out of fuel. Suddenly whilst chatting with the man one of the family members had reappeared with a can of diesel that they’d bought with their own money to help an absolute stranger in their time of need.

“This act of kindness, generosity and love was so so heartwarming to see and restored my faith yet again in humanity.

“Thankfully we managed to contact some family members and get him off to hospital where he got the full health MOT.

“So to those who helped and showed their kindness to this absolute stranger… thank you! You are amazing!”


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