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NI Water to undertake major desilting operation after sewage floods homes in Ballymena

A local resident’s garage after sewers flooded during a period of heavy rainfall.

Northern Ireland Water is set to undertake desilting operations this weekend in Ballymena after overflowing sewers flooded a number of homes during a spell of heavy rain.

A number or residents in the Galgorm Road area of the town were horrified when water from the sewer network started to rise in their properties, causing damage and requiring quite a cleanup operation.

Local Alliance Councillor John Hyland was contacted by residents, who contacted NI Water to seek a resolution to the problem.

Alliance Councillor John Hyland.

Councillor Hyland said:

"I’ve been engaging with NI Water following reports of overflowing sewage in certain properties on Galgorm Road due to heavy rainfall - an issue once thought resolved.

"Pleased to say that the sewer lines, servicing reported properties, will now undergo a major desilt operation on this coming Sunday night 20 November.

"This work requires traffic management, with support from Department for Infrastructure (DfI) – Roads."

The clean up operation begins as the water recedes.

Mr Hyland added:

"The sewer line will, at the same time, be surveyed, and any structural issues or other defects that may be identified will be repaired as soon as possible thereafter (subject to the necessary approvals from Roads Service).

"Thank you to those residents for their patience, considering the circumstances!"

Confirming the works set to take place in the area on Sunday 20 November, a spokesperson for NI Water told Love Ballymena:

“NI Water can confirm a team will be carrying out routine desilting operations in and about the Galgorm Road  area, more specifically on the main sewer between Princess Street and Waveney Road. 

"The aim of the work is to improve flows in the sewer and mitigate against future out of sewer flooding. 


“NI Water would take this opportunity to remind customers that they can help us keep our sewers flowing by only flushing the 3 P’s – paper, poo and pee – anything else must be put in a rubbish bin. This is a timely reminder of the impact flushing inappropriate items can have on the sewer system. Sanitary items and baby wipes can form together into ‘rags’ causing a blockage in the sewer that can then spill out into the local environment."

NI Water stated that during the desilting operation traffic disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum due to the contractor engaging the services of a specialised traffic management company.


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