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Mum shares story to help others during Child Safety Week 2021

A nationwide campaign to raise awareness of child safety is being supported again this year by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council.

Child Safety Week 2021 runs until Sunday 13 June, with the theme, ‘Share because you care’.

Accidents are one of the biggest killers of children in the UK and over 1500 children are admitted to hospitals each week following an accident.

Some 80% of accidents involving under-fives occur in the home.

Sharing safety knowledge saves lives and this year, Child Safety Week is about encouraging people to share their experience of safety issues and dangers that can impact children.

One of those who have shared their own experience is local mother and council employee, Shauna, whose young daughter, Cadie, required treatment at Antrim Area Hospital following an accident involving a hot cup of tea.

Thankfully, Cadie, who is now 13, escaped serious injury due to the quick thinking of her parents, but Shauna explained:

“As a mother of four and someone with a wealth of knowledge in home safety the reason I share my story is to highlight the danger of hot drinks around young children and the need to be vigilant at all times.

“I also want to share the importance of good first aid in treating a burn or scald by trying to cool it with cold running water and keeping the wound as clean as possible. I hope my story can prevent a child from suffering a burn or scald and a parent from living with the guilt.”

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Councillor William McCaughey, said:

“Council are committed to highlighting the issue of burns and scalds within the Borough and will shortly be starting an initiative to raise awareness amongst our young families.

“This will include the provision of bath thermometers to new parents, hot drinks safety messages in local cafes and coffee shops, and supply of insulated screw top cups and hair straightener pouches during visits by our Community Health and Wellbeing Advisers.

“By taking these small steps we hope to reduce the number of accidents within the home and keep our young children safe.”

For advice on home safety issues, our Community Health and Wellbeing Advisers are here to help.

Tel: 028 2563 3394 or

Email: You can also access free home safety resources and information and get involved in Child Safety Week at:


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