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MU councillor urges Northern Trust to return Dalriada GP out-of-hours service to Mid Ulster Hospital

Dalriada out of hours service operators

Councillor Christine McFlynn (Magherafelt DEA) has called on the Northern HSC Trust to consider bringing back the Dalriada GP out-of-hours service to Mid Ulster Hospital.

Speaking at the January 25th meeting of Mid Ulster District Council, following a presentation by the Trust, the SDLP representative explained that having to travel to Antrim to see a GP, and then having to travel to Larne to get medication from a pharmacy, was really inconvenient.

Cllr Flynn commented:

“The Trust decided during Covid to move Dalriada. It was in Magherafelt and they decided to move it to Ballymena, and now it’s down in Antrim.

“If you’re unlucky enough to have to go to Dalriada at night, if you have a relative sick or whatever and you need to go down there to meet somebody down there, yes you’ll be seen, but there’s no on-site pharmacist.

“So if you need a prescription you have to go to Larne to pick up your prescription, which happened to me and a member of my family who were seriously ill and needed a protective medication, and they couldn’t get it anywhere else.

“So I think it would be good if the Trust would make plans. If they can bring it back to Mid Ulster Hospital that’d be good, because if you take sick, if you have a young child and you go down Dalriada at night, you could be travelling maybe 30 to 40 miles, maybe more, and then if you have to go on to Larne to pick up medication, it’s just not reasonable for people to have to do that.”


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