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  • Writer's pictureMichelle Weir (Local Democracy Reporter)

MEA Councillors approve pay rise for themselves

Mid and East Antrim councillors approved a pay rise for themselves at a meeting of the borough council on Monday evening.

A basic allowance recommended by the Department for Communities of £15,757 per annum was agreed in an increase from £15,486.

The basic allowance increase is a rise of 1.75 per cent.

Meanwhile, positions of special responsibility are eligible for additional payments for councillors across Northern Ireland.

In Mid and East Antrim, the sum of £1,000 per month is payable to the mayor and £650 to the deputy mayor. Committee chairs and vice-chairs are eligible for payments of £500 and £350 monthly respectively. These sums have not increased.

The positions for the final term of this council during 2022/23 will be appointed at the annual general meeting on June 6.

The new mayor will be an Alliance Party councillor with a DUP representative as deputy.

The Department for Communities also permits a dependants’ carers’ allowance to a maximum of £988 per month for specialist care to be paid where applicable as well as mileage allowance of 65 per mile for travel by car; 45 pence, electric car, 24 pence, motorbike and 20 pence by bicycle.

Passengers can avail of five pence per mile.

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