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McIlveen announces qualification arrangements for next academic year

Education Minister Michelle McIlveen has outlined arrangements for awarding CCEA qualifications in 2023.

The Minister also announced a £2 million Qualifications Support Programme to further support pupils preparing for exams next year.

In Summer 2023, across all CCEA GCSE, AS and A Level qualifications, young people will be provided with advance information on the focus of assessment for each qualification. Minister McIlveen said:

“Today I have set out a clear plan for qualifications in 2023. I have put in place a comprehensive package of measures to give reassurance to our young people, their families, teachers and school leaders in advance of the new academic year.

“Fairness to pupils is my priority. Arrangements for next year’s qualifications acknowledge the unprecedented disruption our education system has faced and aim to support recovery.

“Advance information about the broad areas to be assessed in each examination will provide important support to learners, increasing their confidence and aiding their revision.”

Commenting on the Qualifications Support Programme, the Minister said:

“I am allocating £2 million to a Qualifications Support Programme, which will provide funding to all post-primary schools. Schools will have the freedom to deploy this funding flexibly, in a way that best supports their pupils preparing for exams in 2023.”

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