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Man arrested after being found lying on road beside quad in Co Antrim

A member of the public alerted police after finding a man lying on the road beside a quad in the dark of night on Friday, April 15.

Officers from Ballycastle Neighbourhood team attended the scene late last night on a country road outside the seaside town, where the man was arrested for drink driving.

A police spokesperson commented:

“There where no street lights with very few houses far between and as you can imagine it was pitch dark!

”A member of the public contacted Police after coming across a male laying on the road beside a running quad.

“Thankfully the reporting person had the sense to remove the keys from the ignition to ensure that the male couldn’t leave prior to Police arrival. Subsequently this male was arrested for being unfit through drink or drugs and conveyed to Coleraine.

“Thankfully due to the common sense of the reporting person in removing the keys, this may have prevented a further accident or serious injury.

“The quad was safely stored away in a local farmers shed and Police enquiries will continue.”


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