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Lidl NI unveils spooktacular decorations, costumes and treats this Halloween

Halloween decorations, costumes and treats from Lidl Northern Ireland

As the leaves begin to fall and the nights grow longer, Lidl Northern Ireland warns customers to expect freakishly low prices throughout the stores this Halloween.

From hair-raising decorations that will transform your home into a haunted mansion to devilishly delightful costumes that will be sure to turn heads, and a treasure trove of sweets to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Lidl Northern Ireland’s Halloween collection will make you scream with delight, with items available instore nationwide from Thursday, 5th October.

Deadly Decorations 

Transform your home into a ghoulishly good, haunted mansion this Halloween with Lidl Northern Ireland’s range of home decorations.

Create a scary scene in your garden with Graveyard Skeleton Bones (£17.99) and the Halloween LED Spotlight (£6.00) Pick up Lidl Northern Ireland’s selection of Halloween themed Gel Window Stickers with prices starting at just £0.99. For those hosting horror house parties, Halloween Party Decorations priced at as little as£2.49 and Lidl Northern Ireland’s easy to use Fog Machine (£39.99) are a must to add chilling atmosphere to any celebrations.

Lidl’s deadly decorations for your home are available at frighteningly low prices and the high quality of the Lidl’s wide range is sure to give you the heebie-jeebies!

Halloween decorations, costumes and treats from Lidl Northern Ireland

Chilling Costumes

Nothing screams Halloween more than creepy costumes. Customers would be mad not to hit the middle aisle as Lidl Northern Ireland stores are offering ghastly good value across their children’s Halloween Costume range with prices starting at £5.99. This year at Lidl Northern Ireland, Halloween isn’t just for the kids, as we have something for everyone this spooky season.

Grown-ups can also take part in the frightening festivities with Lidl Northern Ireland’s men’s and ladies’ Halloween Costumes, from only £17.99.

Terrifying Treats

Gather all your tasty treats this Halloween at Lidl Northern Ireland, with prices starting at a spooky 59p.

Whether you’re going trick or treating or throwing a scream-worthy party, Lidl Northern Ireland have all the spooky snacks to satisfy all tastes. Lidl Northern Ireland’s range of terrifying treats include Mini Sweet Mix (£1.79), Party Mix (£0.59), Sour Worms (£2.99), Trolli Jelly Mix (£4.49), Iced Halloween Queen Cakes (£3.49), Creepy Cupcake Platter (£4.99) and many, many more!

This Halloween make Lidl Northern Ireland your one-stop-spooky shop. Lidl Northern Ireland’s Halloween range is available instore across the region from Thursday, 5th October while stocks last. For more information, and to view the latest instore offers, please visit

Halloween decorations, costumes and treats from Lidl Northern Ireland

The full list of Lidl Northern Ireland’s Halloween range is below.

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