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Larne RNLI rescue three kayakers in the water near Muck Island

Larne RNLI were requested to launch by Belfast Coastguard yesterday (23 July) to reports of a pan pan alert of people in the water near Muck Island off Islandmagee after their kayak had overturned.

Launching their relief inshore lifeboat, Arthur Hamilton, at 6:57pm into a calm sea with a rolling sea mist closing in, the volunteer crew made their way towards the casualties’ location in the Muck Island area.

Arriving at the north of the island, they discovered a person on the rocks who had fallen from his kayak but had managed to get out of the water and was able to direct the volunteer crew members towards a second overturned kayak at the southern end of the island.

When the crew reached the kayak, they discovered three people in the water, one of whom was exhibiting the effects of being in the cold open water for a prolonged period.

The crew recovered all three of the casualties into the lifeboat, checking for any injuries and keeping them safe and warm whilst returning them to Portmuck harbour where they were met by members of the Portmuck Coastguard team and the Northern Ireland ambulance service.

Once the casualties were safely ashore, the volunteer crew returned to recover one of the kayaks that had been left behind and bring it into the safety of the harbour.

Barry Kirkpatrick, Larne RNLI Helm, said:

“Always wear a lifejacket when you are going to sea, if you enter the water it will keep you afloat. Even in the warm weather, the sea temperatures can get very cold.”


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