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Jungle Queen Jill Scott along with runners-up Owen & Mike speak to Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid and Ed Balls were joined by the newly crowned Queen of the I’m A Celebrity Get… Me Out Of Here! jungle Jill Scott, as well as runner-up Owen Warner and fourth-place Mike Tindall on Good Morning Britain, who all shared exactly how they’ve been spending their first hours out of the jungle, following last night’s finale show.

Jill shared some of her biggest highlights from being on the show: “It really was tough at times, but I think that cyclone challenge, it was like being a young kid again on a massive inflatable! I just think I threw myself at everything and just tried to make the most of an incredible experience.” 

When asked what she missed more out of her fiancée Shelly or the current World Cup, Jill hilariously answered: “Don’t get me into trouble, it’s got to be Shelly and obviously my family and friends but I have missed the World Cup games so much. 

“Me and Owen were begging for the scores and then the day that we had an ice lolly and the scores were revealed on the stick, that was one of the best days in the jungle.”

Jill also went on to share who from the current Men’s England squad she thinks would make a good jungle campmate: “Jordan Henderson fellow Macam, he’s got a strong mindset so let's put him in the jungle but only once he’s retired.” 

Susanna asked whether Jill had any plans to go into television presenting and if she would even consider taking over on Good Morning Britain, with Jill responding: “This has taken two showers and two baths just to smell half decent. 

“I haven't got any plans. Once I retired I should’ve really had a plan in place, so that's how I kind of landed in the jungle. But I think your job is very safe!”

Speaking about Matt Hancock, Jill shared: “To be fair he smashed the trials so as long as he was feeding us, I was happy.”

Mike later went on to echo similar sentiments about the former Health Secretary: “When he walked in he was walking in with a lot of preconceptions.

“What Matt did prove as a campmate is that he could win stars. He wasn't fazed by the trials that he was put up against and when you're in that environment you need someone that brings back the food, and he did that.”

Mike also shared candidly about missing his wife Zara and their three children while away in the jungle and what it was like receiving a letter from Zara in the jungle: “I think that's probably the hardest thing about the whole show, especially when you’ve got three little ones as well, is being away for that period of time. 

“Originally she [Zara] wasn't gonna write the note because I carry them quite close to the surface and I try and put emotions down below, so I was trying to get my brother to write the letter… but she was sneaky on me, she was a sneaky little one.”

When asked if he knew which members of the Royal family had been watching the show Mike responded: “No but I’m sure I’ll find out at some point, Christmas is around the corner.

“Let’s see if some interesting gifts come underneath that tree, there's some sense of humour kicking around in the family so I’ll wait for some interesting gifts and see how many people were watching.” 

Owen added to the interview, when asked what he’s been eating since leaving the jungle: “I think the better question is ‘what didn't I eat as soon as I came out of camp!’

“Food was so difficult. I was getting a haircut eating pizza and chips and nuggets, literally taking little breaths as the hair was coming off, I’ve not stopped. This is the first time I’ve stopped eating since I left actually.”

Good Morning Britain weekdays from 6am on ITV1 & ITV Hub


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