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Jollyes speeds up supply of wood pellet cat litter after surge in demand to use as fuel


Nationwide pet store Jollyes has accelerated supply of wood pellet cat litter after a surge in demand from people using it as an affordable fuel to heat their homes.


Jollyes, which has more than 80 stores across the UK, has replenished stocks and introduced a two for £18 deal on three brands after running low in the last fortnight.


The new deal is also available via one-hour click and collect via at selected stores.


Stores with good levels of stock include Kettering, Enfield and Waterlooville in the south, Newcastle, Wakefield and Selby in the North and Enniskillen and Lisburn in Northern Ireland.


Phil Turner-Naylor from Jollyes said: “We started seeing a lot of chatter on social media about using wood pellet cat litter as household fuel in the last few weeks around the cost of living crisis, followed by a sharp increase in demand at our stores.


“For pet owners who simply want to keep their homes clean, we’re doing our best to make sure there’s enough for everyone and where stocks of wood pellet litter are low we can offer alternative types of cat litter.”


Jollyes says anyone planning to burn wood pellet cat litter should check whether it is suitable for their log burner.  


Jollyes sells Pampuss, Smart Cat and CJ’s ultra-absorbent wood pellets in 30 litre bags for £10 or two for £18.


Amazon is currently selling 30 litre bags of CJ’s wood pellets cat litter for £20.14 (price correct 20 October 2022).


Jollyes' customers can see which stores have stocks available at

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