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Joint Police and DVA operation sees cars ‘taken off the road’ in Portrush and Ballycastle

Over the last two weekends Neighbourhood Policing Teams have carried out a joint operation with the DVA in Portrush and Ballycastle following complaints of anti-social driving from local residents.

A police spokesperson reported:

“In Portrush, 16 vehicles were examined and 6 were deemed to be in such a dangerous condition and they had to be collected on a trailer/low loader. One of these was a car with deliberately cut lowering springs, another car only had one functional brake.

“In Ballycastle 9 vehicles were examined and 4 vehicles were taken off the road.

“No matter if the defect is deliberate or accidental these cars are equally dangerous. It’s the drivers responsiblity to ensure the vehicle being driven road worthy condition.”


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