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IT IS WHAT IT IS! | Three friends from Northern Ireland launch brilliant brand new podcast

IT IS WHAT IT IS – for many of us over the last year, those five words have been our mantra as we grappled to adapt and come to terms with living life through a global health crisis.

For three best friends from Northern Ireland, those words became the title of a brand new podcast birthed in the middle of a pandemic.

Having lived in different countries before Covid-19, Aiobheann McKinley, Holly Moore-Wilson, and Rachel McCook always enjoyed having chats and debates (usually through voice notes in messages), about current matters, interesting topics, and living life.

It was these conversations between the three girl-friends that inspired the girls to think - why not record them and make a podcast!

Chatting about the podcast, Aiobheann said: “It Is What It Is Podcast is three best friends chatting all things from current issues, celeb drama, girlie dilemmas (sorry boys). We also pride ourselves on not taking life to seriously and having a bit of craic on each episode!

“Last season we had a very inspirational local guest, Tara McCaughan on episode seven.

“Tara speaks openly and honestly about her life, discussing everything from travelling across the world to life after being diagnosed with Gliobastoma (Stage Four, brain tumour). Tara’s positive outlook on life and her determination will provide anyone who listens in with a whole new perspective. It is definitely one to listen in on.”

Although it hasn’t been only the girls who have been enjoying the journey of the podcast. Many of those who have been following each episode have found the friends’ fun and relaxed conversations a welcome escape from the current stresses and challenges.

“What started as a little bit of fun, resulted in us having amazing feedback from listeners telling us how much we had helped them get through the current situation of lockdown,” Aoibheann commented.

“This positive feedback from our listeners encouraged and motivated us to record a second season in an attempt to reach out and hopefully help more people.”

Aiobheann, Holly and Rachel have just recently launched the second season of IT IS WHAT IT IS.

This season the girls are aiming to invite more inspirational guests on to the podcast and eventually, work towards getting their little community of listeners together for an event after Covid.

“If our little chats help at least one person, we are happy,” Aoibheann concluded.

Listen to the podcast IT IS WHAT IT IS at:

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• Instagram: @itiswhatitispodcastgirls


Aoibheann McKinley

Aoibheann McKinley is 24 years old (the baby of the group) and is from Ballycastle, Co. Antrim. Aoibheann is a Marketing Assistant at Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort when not chatting in a microphone for the podcast!

Follow on Instagram: @aoibhymc_

Holly Moore-Wilson

Holly Moore-Wilson is 27 years old (the oldest but maybe not the wisest of the group!) Holly is a Beautician and you will find her in Moores of Coleraine where she has her own little Nail & Brow Bar. Holly recently got married during he last year. The ‘lockdown bride’ now lives in Portstewart, Co. Derry, with her husband.

Follow on Instagram: @hollymoorewilson

Rachel McCook

Rachel McCook, and is 25 years old. She recently completed her Masters before travelling to Australia, but sadly due to the pandemic, her trip got cut short. As a theatre practitioner, Rachel is passionate about the arts and supporting local talent. Rachel is currently living in Ireland but is excited to be relocating to Cambridge in the coming weeks.

Follow on Instagram: @rachelmccook95


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