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HM Coastguard Deputy Station Officer Harry Higginson retires after 38 years

County Antrim man Harry Higginson has turned off his pager for the last time as he retires from his role as Deputy Station Officer for HM Coastguard Portmuck, on the East Antrim coast.

For 38 years Harry has been a dedicated, professional, passionate, and inspirational team member, serving his local community and further afield in all aspects of Coastguard Rescue Team operations.

A spokesperson for the Portmuck Coastguard team commented:

"During his service Harry has seen many advances in operational technology, and in Coastguard Rescue Team operating procedures which has transformed the Service into the professional organisation it is today.

"Throughout his time there have been many highs and many lows, sadly, many lives have been lost, but many also saved to be reunited with their families, which brought and continues to bring much pride to all involved.

"Thank you for your service Harry, and whilst we now have a massive hole to fill, we’ll endeavour to go from strength to strength serving the community as you so actively and proudly have for many years.

"Enjoy your retirement and I’ve no doubt you’ll be kept up to date with all that’s going on.

"Portmuck Bravo, over and out!"


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