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Hillstown Farm Shop announces closure of cafe

Hillstown Farm Shop has announced the closure of it’s popular on-site cafe, on the Glebe Road, Randalstown.

In a statement released on Wednesday (18 May), Hillstown said they had experienced the ‘perfect storm’ of increasing costs across the board that was making for difficult trading conditions.

A spokesperson for Hillstown said: “We are sorry to announce that our cafe is now closed until further notice.

“As a hospitality business we have had the perfect storm of increased VAT, rates, electricity, gas and ingredients and find it very difficult to continue without massive increases in prices to our customers.

“We have not taken this decision lightly and hope to reopen in some way later in the year.

“As for now we will do our best to continue providing great deals in our Farm Shop and Butchery and thank you for your continued support.”


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