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Henderson Group’s seasonal savings return with five new products in 2023 line up

Sarah Murphy, Marketing Manager at Henderson Group kicks of the retailer’s flagship festive campaign, 12 Deals of Christmas

Sarah Murphy, Marketing Manager at Henderson Group kicks of the retailer’s flagship festive campaign, 12 Deals of Christmas

This week sees the return of 12 Deals of Christmas, a campaign which signifies the beginning of the Christmas run-up, as SPAR, EUROSPAR, ViVO and  ViVOXTRA retailers aim to provide even more value for their shoppers.


Retailers experienced their busiest year with the campaign in 2022, marking a record year of sales, which rose by 31.2%.


This year, Henderson Wholesale has invested £3.7m in the campaign which will see a total of 13 everyday essentials and high demand product prices slashed over the next 12 weeks (with one Double Deal week), and five new products appearing in the all-star lineup for 2023.


Marketing Manager at Henderson Group, Sara Murphy, says the campaign aims to help retailers boost footfall and sales, help shoppers save during one of the most expensive times of the year, while also providing even more everyday items in the campaign to help with the continued cost of living crisis.

Sara commented:

“Our retailers enjoyed their most successful 12 Deals of Christmas yet in 2022. Over 500 of our retailers in every community across Northern Ireland take part in the campaign to provide even more value for their shoppers, which not only boosts their sales but provides a lift in footfall and the opportunity for additional basket spend.


“We also know that millions of households are continuing to feel the effects of the cost of living crisis, which is why we have brought even more essential everyday items into the campaign this year, so not only will they be able to purchase items that will help spread out the cost of Christmas, but also bring even more value deals every week.”

Shopper feedback from 2022 showed 99% of those surveyed agreed prices “were better than or comparable to supermarkets” during the campaign, while 91% said they picked up additional items while shopping for the deals.


Retailers will benefit from an integrated marketing campaign featuring TV ads, adshels and 48-sheets, plus radio and an extensive digital and social media activation throughout the duration of the campaign.


Sara finished:

“We begin with a bang with Coca Cola at less than half price, which was the biggest week for retailers last year with almost 50% more units sold in 2022 than on the previous year, and one of the biggest shoppers could recall in our survey (73%).”


Week one of 12 Deals of Christmas features 10 and 12 packs of Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Caffeine Free and Coke Zero less than half price at £3.50.

Week two (2nd - 8th October) features Ballyrashane Butter (500g) only £3, while week three (9th - 15th October) will see Persil capsules (40 pack) on offer at only £7, with more great deals to come!


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