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Free Mother’s Day recipe book that shows what really happens when kids take to the kitchen

Mother’s Day. The one day of the year when mums and mother figures get a lie-in and are treated to breakfast in bed, over-enthusiastically made by little hands. Whether its swimming in syrup or camouflaged by caster sugar, each messy breakfast is a labour of love and, as mum knows, it’s the thought that counts.

This year, to celebrate Mother’s Day, Asda launches a unique recipe book of ‘Messy Brekkies’, showing the reality of what the mums in our lives typically get served – and the glorious mess made in the kitchen.

Set the all-important task of recipe testing, Asda appointed four children aged 4-7 to cook their Mother’s Day breakfasts in all of their perfectly imperfect glory. The adorable team, comprised of Alice (7), Elijah (7), Alfie (6) and Grace (4) rolled up their sleeves and took to the kitchen to develop a repertoire of recipes full of heart for March 19th. 

In a twist on the usual highly styled and perfect food photography, Asda’s ‘Messy Brekkies’ e-book showcases classic Mother’s Day breakfast dishes in all their perfectly imperfect glory.

The seven resulting dishes include Perfectly Imperfect Pancakes, Seriously Scrambled Eggs on Toast, Warm-Your-Heart Waffles, an Eggstra-exciting Eggy Bread Sandwich, a Wonderfully Warm Croissant Sandwich, Heavenly Hot Cross Buns with Chocolate & Fresh Fruit and a Totally Tasty Pastry Plate. 

Asda’s ‘Messy Brekkies’ e-book ensures there’s something for every mum and shows that even in the age of Insta-worthy food shots and Michelin star plate arrangements, it’s really just the thought that counts when it comes to Mother’s Day.

To inspire other little cooks ahead of Mother’s Day, the ‘Messy Brekkies’ e-book is available to download from, complete with all seven recipes and instructions for little chefs to try at home (with adult supervision, of course!). 

Messy Brekkies free recipe book from Asda for Mother’s Day.

Alice, aged 7, Mother’s Day Recipe Tester at Asda and daughter to Kate, said: “My mummy likes eggs for breakfast, so I made Eggy Bread with Daddy’s help. I liked cracking the eggs and dipping the bread in, but it was a bit messy – my hands had stuff all over them!”

Elijah, aged 7, Mother’s Day Recipe Tester at Asda and son to Roxsanne, said: “I made pancakes, because they’re mine and my mum’s favourite. My favourite bit was putting on the toppings, especially the chocolate chips…”.

Happy Mother’s Day

As Asda spokesperson said: “When it comes to Mother’s Day, nothing beats a heartfelt gesture like homemade breakfast in bed. The outcome isn’t always pretty, but the knowledge that it’s been made with love is better than any aesthetically pleasing plate.

“When it came to appointing our Mother’s Day recipe testers we wanted to hand creative control to those who know Mum best – the kids! The dishes tested by Alice, Elijah, Alfie and Grace make use of the fantastic range of products across The Bakery at Asda and wider store and are totally delicious. 

“We hope that in reading our Messy Brekkies E-book, everyone is inspired to get in the kitchen and give these Messy Brekkies a go.”

Asda’s Messy Brekkies E-book is available now, and can be downloaded free of charge at:


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