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Emergency services tasked to two incidents on M2

Images: PSNI

Police and other emergency service colleagues were tasked to reports of a vehicle blaze and a two vehicle collision on the M2 motorway near Antrim earlier today, Tuesday 24th January.

All vehicles involved in the two separate incidents were badly damaged but thankfully no serious injuries were reported.

This afternoon a police spokesperson explained the diversion and delays that motorists faced this morning as the incidents were dealt with. The spokesperson said:

"If motorists heading southbound on the M2 at Rathbeg this morning were wondering what the diversion and delay was; it was to allow our colleagues from Roads Policing Steeple, NIFRS and NIAS to deal with two separate incidents that happened very close to each other.

"Fortunately no-one was seriously injured and the motorway was soon reopened.

"Thank you to those who initially stopped to offer assistance and to everyone else inconvenienced for your patience."


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