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Duality Healthcare Private GP & Urgent Care Clinic: FAQs

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Duality healthcare Galgorm General practice front entrance

Duality Healthcare recently opened in Ballymena, delivering a new innovative approach to General Practice locally and across Northern Ireland.

Under Lead GP, Dr Craig Wylie, Duality Healthcare Galgorm is committed to bringing choice and accessible, quality healthcare from a modern and fit-for-purpose practice located in Galgorm Castle Estate.

In this latest in a series of articles, Dr Craig Wylie answers some of the most common questions being asked about Duality Healthcare.


Lead GP, Dr Craig Wylie, Duality Healthcare Galgorm

Lead GP, Dr Craig Wylie, Duality Healthcare Galgorm

Q: What is Duality Healthcare?

A: A locally-owned Private GP & Urgent Care Service with clinics in Newry (2017) and Galgorm (2023), and more planned in 2024 (Belfast, Foyleside & Omagh)

Q: Do I need to be a member to see a Duality GP?

A: No. We welcome non-members, although members unlock huge benefits and reduced prices to many services.

Q: Why would I want to see a Private GP?

A: Reasons given so far from our patients include: time, convenience, easy access, second opinions, needing non-NHS services e.g. private medicals, for ‘MOT’s’, evening availability, not registered with an NHS GP. We are providing an additional choice for patients; another outlet for healthcare needs.

Q: Do I pay to use your services?

A: Yes. We are a fully private/NHS independent service. We receive no public funding.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: You can phone or book through our website. Unscheduled ‘drop-ins’ are welcome at our clinics.

Q: Do I leave my NHS GP if I want to register as a member?

A: No. You remain registered with your NHS GP and are still entitled to their care. Your choice: consult with your NHS GP, us, or both.

Q: Can I still access other NHS services even though I’m seeing a private GP?

A: Yes. You lose no entitlement to NHS care because you have chosen to see a private GP.

Q: What is an Urgent Care appointment?

A: Specifically for either new or acute illness that cannot reasonably wait until the next working day. This includes but isn’t limited to, infective illnesses such as coughs, sore throats, minor skin infections, fevers, diarrhoea & vomiting, and UTIs. Very young children and pregnant women should consult with a GP.

Duality healthcare Galgorm waiting area

Q: Will my private health insurance cover your services?

A: Some insurers may cover specialist procedures e.g. joint injections, minor surgery, gynaecological services, some of our investigations such as ultrasound and blood tests. Some insurers will not cover GP consultations or Urgent Care Appointments. Always check directly with your policy provider.

Q: I’m not entitled to NHS services - can I use Duality Healthcare?

A: Yes - we will see any patient: NHS or non-NHS entitled, including visitors from overseas.

Q: What other services do you provide?

A: We provide additional services including blood tests, hearing care (microsuction, ear wax removal, and hearing tests), joint injections, minor surgery, STI screening, and blood tests. We also provide ultrasound services and health screening services. Coroporate and sporting solutions are available by speaking with our Senior team.

Q: What benefits are there for members?

A: A free GP appointment for each individual, each year of renewal, on all memberships. Priority access over non-members. Reduced costs to appointments and yearly health checks. 24/7 Access to the Patient Portal (to view your medical record/securely upload documents/book appointments and raise queries via Direct Message).

Q: How do you get access to my medical record?

A: We encourage new registrations to obtain a copy of their NHS GP notes by submitting a request for an electronic copy. We can then populate this information into our system. This is especially important for patients requesting e.g. driving medicals, or patients with complex medical histories or on many medications.

Q: Do you offer Corporate/Business health solution?

A: Yes. We can tailor a package suited to your small or large organisation - email our Senior team:

Q: Does my membership apply to all Duality Healthcare Clinics?

A: Yes. We are able to access your Duality Healthcare medical should you choose to attend any of our clinics for continuity of care.

Q: Can you write prescriptions?

A: Yes. Within an appointment we don’t charge for issuing a prescription. There will however be a small charge for the dispense of your medication from your chosen pharmacy.

Q: Does my own GP need to refer me to see you?

A: No. Our patients self-refer without barriers or requirement for a referral.

Q: Are you able to write referral letters?

A: Yes. We can write referral letters to both NHS and private services.


MORE BELOW BY DR CRAIG WYLIE (Lead GP at Duality Healthcare Galgorm)


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