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Ciaran launches his debut novel 'New Shores'

Ballymena man Ciaran McLarnon is a former Cedar Foundation Inclusion Works service user and he is delighted to have his debut novel published ‘New Shores’.

The story is set in the stone age and Ciaran credits the Foundation’s service with helping him along this path, to achieve his dream.

Ciaran launched his new book at the Braid Arts Centre on 15 October with a book reading and signing and some musical entertainment.

He is thankful to the doctor who was treating him for his medical condition ‘Cerebellar Ataxia’ who referred him to the Cedar Foundation initially in 2014. Ciaran remained an Inclusion Works service user at the Balmoral site until he moved back to Ballymena in 2016.

Ciaran commented:

“I had decided I wanted to be a writer; despite the fact I can’t write with a pen. However, I didn’t really know how to go about it. Through the classes and work experience arranged by the Inclusion Works programme I became more certain of a choice.”

He is now excited and proud to share the news of the book release. We asked Ciaran what ‘New Shores’ is about? Ciaran replied:

“New Shores is the story of a prehistoric villager named Li. He sees his village destroyed by a violent storm and travels cross country with his daughter Su to find a new home. My primary degree in Marine Biology and my Masters is in Ecology, and my studies informed and challenged me to do my own research for this book. The research was certainly time consuming, but I am really proud of the end result and how well it has all come together”.

New Shores is now available on Amazon.

If you want to find out more about New Shores or read Ciaran's other writing please visit


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