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Beacon of Hope mural turns grey into glorious colour in Ballymena

North Antrim MLA Paul Frew has congratulated all those involved in the creation of a stunning colourful mural, spanning what was previously a grey concrete wall on the Larne Road Link, Ballymena.

Part of a community project to highlight mental health challenges, and the handiwork of two incredibly talented local artists, Carly Wright and Sam McAleese, the Beacon of Hope mural depicts a person reaching out in search of help and a helping hand being extended.

The project was completed recently, taking two weeks from start to finish.

Paul Frew MLA commented:

"What an absolute pleasure it was to speak at the official unveiling of this spectacular piece of artwork at Ballykeel.

"Massive congratulations to all involved - to Chris Bowyer and the Ballykeel 1 Moving Forward Group, and the Ballykeel Youth Forum and all the members of the community who played their part. For the assistance and clearance given by the official bodies like Council, DFI Roads and Housing Executive. To Turning Point NI for all their support in the area. To Reuben Glover and Lawrie Philpott for their practical help. And last but not least to the amazingly talented artists Carly and Sam.

"Mental health is a massive issue and this amazing art illustrates and understands not only what people go through but it also represents hope! Reach out and grasp it. Well done Ballykeel we made it happen! Amazing."


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