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Asda extends its Kids £1 café meal deal and adds more healthier options

Girl sitting in Asda cafe with Kids meal.
Supermarket confirms kids £1 café meal deals extended across the Easter Holidays.

Asda has announced that its hugely popular ‘Kids Eat for £1’ café meal deals have been refreshed with a more nutritionally balanced offer, including new vegan and healthy meal options.

With over 21,000 meals sold so far in Northern Ireland, the deal has also been extended to include the Easter holiday period as it continues to help customers manage the cost-of-living crisis.


The refreshed menu sees the addition of two new hot meals - Penne Pasta with Meatballs and a vegan Hidden Veg pasta meal. The existing hot meals on the menu will also have the option of swapping out chips with a salad or peas.

Ginger haired boy sitting at table eating healthy meal.
1.3 million kids’ £1 meals served to date.


From the 20th March the retailer has also included a free piece of fruit such as and apple, pear or banana when purchasing the hot kids £1 meal deal.


The supermarket launched the offer for kids under 16 to enjoy a hot meal in any of their 205 cafes in June 2022 and has now served a staggering 1,300,000 million meals to kids from its cafes nationwide.


As an alternative to a hot meal, Asda Café’s also offer a £1 cold pick and mix selection that includes a sandwich, drink and piece of fruit, the refreshed menu now includes new treats such as a jelly pot with whole fruit pieces or a jelly squeeze pouch as an alternative to a pack of crisps.

Girl and boy eating a kids meal at table both smiling.
New vegan and nutritionally balanced meal options added to refreshed menu.
Asda Kids special £1 meal menu.
A free piece of fruit now included with all kids’ hot meal deals.

The extension of café initiatives comes as Asda’s Income Tracker shows UK households were £91 a month worse off compared to January 2022, with the average family spending power at just £215 per week.


Kris Comerford, Asda’s Chief Commercial Officer said

“We know when families are preparing for the school holidays it can often mean an additional strain on household budgets. Our kids £1 café meal deals continue to provide a lifeline to families as we’ve served over 1,300,000 million meals since the launch.

"We hope by offering a new refreshed, great tasting and affordable and healthier balanced £1 kids’ menu and the addition of a free piece of fruit it will help support many more families in the coming weeks.”


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