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Another fantastic year for the North West 200 – Paisley

Pictured at the NW200, Ian Paisley MP.

Pictured at the NW200, Ian Paisley MP.

Avid motorcycle racing fan Ian Paisley MP has acknowledged "another fantastic year for North West 200".

The North Antrim MP was commenting after the annual Northern Ireland's premier motorcycle racing event was concluded on Saturday afternoon, May 13th. The sun was shining as thousands of fans from across the island of Ireland, the United Kingdom and further afield descended on the Causeway Coast to watch the high speed action.

Mr Paisley said:

"The race week that has just completed at the famous North West 200 circuit is without doubt one of the most successful events. I wish to congratulate the Coleraine Club and the entire team associated with this event for giving Northern Ireland such a spectacular occasion. 

"It wouldn't have taken place without the support of the local council and the key sponsors. The insurance debacle was thankfully resolved quickly."

Ian continued:

"North West 200 is Northern Ireland's equivalent of the Monaco Grand Prix for motorbikes. 

"The high speed, glamour and massive number of visitors is incredible. I have no doubt that Saturday's races set record breaking numbers of attendees. When all the numbers are counted, we will see a significant investment into the local economy because of the race. 

"What is disappointing is the complete lack of central government support. They fail to see the significance of this event. I was tasked to chair the independent motorsport task force into the future of the sport. My report set out a strategy of how to improve and develop the sector. Central government has failed to take this forward despite the obvious opportunity. 

"I was disappointed that the Secretary of State failed to attend. He is the first Secretary of State in many years never to attend a race. Given it is the biggest outdoor sporting event on the entire island, I think that was a missed opportunity. 

"Central government must now adopt and put in place the proposals made by motorsport task force and see that 'NI PLC' benefits from and supports our wonderful sporting heritage". 


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