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AMAZING SAM | Ballymena tattooist offers free inkings to cover self harm scars

One of Ballymena’s finest tattooists, Sam McAleese (Coven Tattoo), has launched into 2023 with big-heart and a kindness-filled vision to help others by offering free tattoos to cover up self harm scars.

Announcing his plans to support others move beyond their pain, Sam said:

“I will be offering free tattoos to cover up self harm scars to help others with their individual healing journey. These scars can make you quite feel self-conscious and really knock your confidence.

“I really want to help people move on from a part of their life when they weren’t kind to themselves. I personally know how much this could mean to someone and how life changing it can be.”

The very popular local artist’s books are currently closed but he is now taking names for the free service. Sam will be offering these appointments alongside his paid clients, so there maybe extended waiting times, but he said, “I will try to help as many people as I can”.

Sam added:

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for quite a long time and now feel I am fortunate enough to be in a position to offer. This service is quite personal to me and close to my heart.

“Get in contact with me directly or through the Coven Tattoo Facebook page to be added to my waiting list”.

Before any inking, Sam will advise each client of certain criteria, with how long scars need to be healed etc.

For further information, please contact Sam at Coven Tattoo located on the first and second floors above The Barber Collective, Church Street, Ballymena. Sam's studio is open seven days a week and operates by appointment only.

FACEBOOK: Coven Tattoo


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