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A tribute to Ballymena businessman Gerald Duffy

A tribute, written by daughter Sapphire, to Gerald Duffy from Ballymena who sadly passed away on the 12th August 2022, aged 57, in the ICU unit at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Gerald was a well-known hardworking, loving and caring business and family man who owned Galgorm Dry Cleaners with his wife Gloria Duffy for 19 years. They worked hard and the business was built from scratch which later expanded to Portglenone for four years.

He touched the lives of many of his customers and spent time getting to know each and every one of them and had all the time in the day for anyone he spoke to. Gerald and Gloria had many customers and business contracts in the Galgorm and Ballymena area and helped them with their everyday laundry tasks. They were a big part of the Galgorm community and are sadly missed.

Gerald was a husband to Gloria, Dad to Sapphire, Zion and Ashlyne. Son to Seamus and Patricia, Brother to Shauna, Jacqui, Dermot, Trisha and the late Colm and Liam and an uncle, cousin and nephew to many. The Duffy family love and miss him terribly. He was the backbone of the family and cared for everyone deeply.

His kindness and love were contagious to all.

He was known for his random acts of kindness to people he met and had a true heart of gold. He loved to travel with his wife and family, it was one of his favourite things to do as well as looking after his garden and sitting while enjoying his home.

Gerald often said, “Life is too short, enjoy it while you are young,” and finished a conversation with “Take care now, God Bless”.

God Bless Gerald Duffy and Rest In Peace.


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